Thing#5: Digital Storytelling

15 Mar

Created an Animoto for some of my pics from Nicaragua and found some Latin American music online.  I used it as part of a presentation to a Spanish class and it seemed to go over well!  The 30 second limit for the free version is very limiting, but I can see how it could be used in classes when you have 25+ kids presenting!


Thing #10: Productivity Tools

12 Mar

Checking out Evernote (am going to make the Lazy Risotto later this week – thanks!) I’ve set up two notebooks and figured out how to add some notes and webpages. Looks good – now have to experiment with some other features.

There is an easier way of sharing, I’m sure, but for now, here is a link to my Evernote notebooks:


Thing 4 (Part III): Editing

6 Mar

Thing 4 (Part III): Editing

This is with Big Huge Labs, too.


Thing 4 (Part II): Editing

6 Mar

Thing 4 (Part II): Editing

Did this with Big Huge Labs!

6 Mar

Having seen way tooooo many boring PPT presentations, I love the simplicity of the “Presentation Zen” and plan to use it myself, as well as instruct students on how to use it.


Thing 4: Photo sharing, editing and fun

6 Mar

Thing4: Photosharing
Loved the Book Spine Poetry idea and it came in very handy! Our heat wasn’t working in the library for a few weeks(!!!) and I put together a message for our administration using some apt fiction titles! Very effective and even got a few smiles 😉

Started a Flikr account and uploaded photos from a recent trip, then made a collage with Pic Monkey. I’m going to use that for a presentation to the Spanish classes. Still trying to figure out Prezi – looks so good, but more complicated to use than I thought.

Thing #3: RSS

5 Mar

Ok, so I’ve been wondering about those RSS  letters and the logo at the top of pages and now I know!  Added several feeds to my Favorites bar, and have been trying to add some to Netvibes, with mixed results.  There are some really good ones that I found on libraries and a few travel ones, like Lonely Planet, that I’ve added to my dashboard.